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If someone were to ask me, as a photographer, what my dream autumn wedding would look like it would fall slightly under the bar that Danielle & Chase set. In other words, well, words fail. All that I can muster is that it was absolute perfection. The couple, the colors, the venue, the decor, the vibe, if you're in the process of planning a wedding feel free to pin any and all of my photos to your wedding planning boards, ladies and gents! These guys nailed it.

Danielle and Chase your final gallery may be a little overwhelming as far as making selections, but I offer no apologies. It's all your fault for being so easy to photograph.

I had never seen a reception crowd quite as ready to celebrate as the bunch that night. Holiday Inn Riverside may need to do some floor repairs after all that hardcore dancing, just sayin'!

Congrats to the couple!

And, of course, a wedding would only be a fancy party without some amazing vendors.

Make up - Ashley Huber

Wedding Dress Designer - Justin Alexander

Hair - Amber Knight and Becca Christenson

Band - 8th Hour

Cake Decorator - S and A Creations

Cheers to the cutest!

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